Everyone of us is a big chocolate fan! It does not matter whether it is available to us in a cookie, chocolate bar, pastry or our most favorite chocolate cake. However, each of us is easily aware of how cake has been used and consumed for centuries as a common delicacy; However, it is the chocolate flavor that came into existence and introduced the most unique flavor to this delicacy. Choco Chip Cake, Strawberry Chocolate Cake, German Black Forest etc., you can definitely be spoiled for choice. Given below is the list of top 5 types of chocolate cake that you must try no matter what’s the occasion. Read on!

Chocolate Black Forest Cake


The Black Forest Cake is one of the best chocolate cakes found in the market. This cake is a combination of the two most crowd-pleasing flavors, chocolate and vanilla. Their combination will give your taste buds a new and refreshing flavor. The chocolate sprinkled on top makes this chocolate cake even more unique. The rich flavor and sweet taste is the major reason for its popularity. You’ll enjoy every second with it and don’t be surprised if you still want more after finishing the whole cake.


Chocolate Lava Cake


It is one of the most ordered cakes and is the perfect dessert for any season. It is delicious, hot melted chocolate that comes out when cut into a cake. No matter what age group you belong to, you can not resist the melted chocolate coming out of this delicious dessert.


Chocolate Oreo Cake


Due to its smooth yet crunchy texture, this cake is a favorite among all age groups. Oreo cookies have already made their way to a lot of delicious desserts, and the flavor of this cake is even better due to the crunchy Oreo cookies included in the cream filling.


Chocolate Bundt Cake


This is a bundle cake made with beets! Not only do they add moisture, the beets also bring some sweetness to the cake. Dark chocolate and other natural sweeteners such as maple syrup and honey make this beauty something that you can enjoy with all your heart.


Belgian chocolate Cake


Belgian chocolate is considered one of the best chocolate cakes. The richness in taste is what makes it popular among people of all generations. Regardless of age, you will see people enjoying a bite of a good Belgian chocolate cake. This is why Belgian cake should be your cake of choice when you are organizing a big celebration. You can bet that everyone will like the cake.


Chocolate fudge cake


For all Fudge fans out there, the Chocolate Fudge Cake symbolizes all that a perfect chocolate cake should be. Smooth, dense and incredibly moist. To ensure a heavenly cure!


Chocolate Truffle Cake

The rich taste of truffle makes this cake special. This Chocolate rich cake remains the most popular choice among the public. It is made from the same chocolate sponge, with truffle sauce added to it, which makes the cake scrumptious and delicious. Try it out! Its really delicious.


So, these were some delicious varieties of chocolate cake.  So the next time you plan to celebrate the occasion with a cake, make sure you do order a luscious chocolate cake from a reputed online bakery that defines your special moments wonderfully. Therefore, order a chocolate cake and celebrate the special day with your loved ones. Place your order for online cake delivery in chandigarh, Gurgaon, Delhi, Pune, Chennai, Mumbai, Goa, etc. and fulfill your craving for delectable chocolate cake. Happy eating! Happy celebrations!

By nur eka