Detoxification or in short often called detox is not a new word. In fact, it has been popular amongst the fitness freaks who made sure that they do all the possible things that would help them stay healthy.

Understanding what DETOX is

Our body carries out different metabolic activities. The liver forms a part of it. In the due course of this metabolic process, toxins are generated in the body and the removal of these toxins is termed as detoxication or detoxification or in short- detox.

There are different ways of removing toxins from the body. One of the most common ways is by staying away from activities that lead to the formation of a large amount of toxins in the body like consuming alcohol, drinking less water, staying lethargic. Another way to get rid of the toxins is by following holistic ways which include three different approaches as under—

  • Relying on a life-supporting, healthy diet
  • Following a healthy lifestyle
  • Detoxing the body with the help of naturopathy or consuming herbs

Get Ready to Detox yourself with Herbal Teas at Home

Herbal teas are the new inclusion in the list of items considered healthy to be consumed by a fitness freak. This product is considered one of the best drinks to detox the body. Markets are seen flooded with companies advertising their products to be the ‘best liver detox tea. However, according to the experts, the best tea can be made at home with the following natural herbs. If you are one of the many people who are fond of detox tea, then you can try them out.

  • Sacred Basil Tea

Sacred Basil or Tulsi is a great herb that has numerous health benefits. Basil tea is one of the most popular and easy to make homemade detox tea. The leaves are used either in dried form or after being plucked fresh. Both work the same and equally efficiently in enhancing the metabolism of the body and increasing immunity. Basil tea works superbly in treating cold and cough. The leaves are considered to be a natural detoxing agent and good for weight loss.

You can combine tulsi, peppercorn, and ginger to make the best liver detox tea at home.

  • Ginger Tea

It is equally popular amongst the people and is the most common homemade detox tea. It is served in various restaurants as well.

Ginger has a unique property of enhancing the digestion of a person which enhances the metabolism of the body and promotes the detoxification of the body. Homemade detox tea made up of ginger is often combined with cinnamon or cardamom to enrich the flavour.

  • Lemon Tea

Lemon, perhaps one of the greatest sources of Vitamin-C. Intake of citric acid is not only good for boosting the immunity of the body but also a great way to detox the body. Homemade detox tea with lemon as a constituent also includes turmeric or black peppercorns.


Any of the homemade tea can be the best liver detox tea. It is necessary to look for what is required for the body. Any herb that is a superb antioxidant will always be a good detoxing agent. The choice of the products or the ingredients in the detox tea would determine how well the health beverage is prepared.

By nur eka